Can I Apply For Child Care Assistance If I Am On Maternity Or Medical Leave?

The answer is Yes!

You can apply for child care assistance at any time by going to Indiana's easy to use on-line application,  Early Ed Connect.  When you apply, you will need to indicate the service need that you had prior to your leave or will have once your leave is over. If you are applying for child care assistance in Early Ed Connect, you will check YES in your application for the question below:

What Is A Service Need?

A service need is when the applicant and/or co-applicant living in the home with an eligible child(ren) can show the need for child care by providing proof of participation in one or more of the following: employment, education and training activities.

Applying While on Medical or Maternity Leave

In your Early Ed Connect application, you will need to choose "yes" to the service need that applies to you.  You will also need to choose "yes" for being currently on medical or maternity leave.  

1. Are you working? Are you attending or enrolled in school? Are you attending a training program?

2. Are you currently on medical or maternity leave (and plan to return to work/school after leave)?



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