How Do I Appeal My Application Decision?

If you feel your application or services has been denied or terminated in error, you can submit an appeal.

Submitting an Appeal

To submit an appeal, you need to follow these steps .

  1. Within ten (10) calendar days of being notified that your application was denied or services were terminated, you will need to send a written request of appeal to your local eligibility office.
  • Click here to find your local eligibility office. 
  1. The eligibility office has ten (10) calendar days to review the appeal and respond in writing to you. This response will also include any next steps.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the Eligibility office decision, you may send a request in writing to the CCDF Operations Manager at the address listed below:

Mailing Address for Written Request

Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning
Attn: CCDF Operations Manager - CCDF Appeals
402 West Washington Street, W-362, MS-02
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739

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